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Control Your Route, LLC is an Educational platform established to empower families, entrepreneurs, and business owners on proven strategies, to increase their knowledge when it comes to wealth creation and protection. 


  • We EDUCATE families on ways to Cultivate Generation Wealth for THEIR LAST NAME!

  • We TEACH our clients on how to LEVERAGE their current resources to

  • INCREASE their Confidence, Clarity & Vision while protecting their Income & Legacy.

  • We ENHANCE the success of families RETIRING Properly, through Data, Technology & Protection.

  • We provide OPPRUTUNITIES for Qualified Community Leaders to Create IMPACT In Their Community.


We VALUE Impact over Income and our desire is to EDUCATE Families to Leave a Long-Lasting Legacy

and eradicate GoFundMe.​

  • CREATE Impact in Communities around the world, building awareness on Finacial Literacy

  • PROVIDE clarity and direction

  • ESTABLISH quality relationships with Influencers

  • INSPIRE Educational Change the Minority communities to close the wealth gap &

  • REPLACE Gofundme with Millions of Educated People

Conference Crowd



  • Highly Trained Brokers in Every State Foreign & Domestic (Future)

  • Scholarship Foundation for Grades 9-12

  • Non-Profit for Under-Served Communities with Financial Education & Tech needs

  • Sponsor 29 Kids on a Private Jet Yearly, to Experience life, Outside of their Zip Code

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