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MEET Greg Skeene

Greg Skeene Advocates for Economic Equality in Minority Communities

Control Your Route, founded by Greg Skeene, is committed to helping families and entrepreneurs achieve financial security and wealth-building through education. Greg's passion for promoting economic equality in minority communities stems from his personal experience of overcoming challenges and his unwavering belief in the power of education.

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As a native of Brooklyn, NY, Greg Skeene survived life-altering brain surgery in 2013 and went on to have a successful 15-year career in the Tech industry as a Verizon, Disney & Tesla Engineer. His gifts have always been leadership, education, and relationship building, which he leverages to empower others.

With Control Your Route, Greg has established a financial education platform that equips families and entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools to protect and grow their wealth. Greg's journey into financial services, life insurance, and retirement started as a client looking to safeguard the legacy of his last name. His research led him to join the fastest-growing Financial Marketing Organization (FMO) in the industry PHP Agency, where he began his crusade to help families protect and grow their legacy.

Greg's vision is to close the wealth gap in black and brown communities, ultimately eradicating the need for GoFundMe and Fish Frys when someone becomes sick, ill, disabled, or transitions. He aims to expand Control Your Route in the next 5 years to have an army of 10,000 licensed agents worldwide who will educate and serve 100,000+ families per year.

In addition, Greg's second goal is to charter 29 inner-city kids on a private jet two times a year. The crusade is to decrease the statistic that 72% of kids who grow up in an inner city NEVER leave. The mission is simple, to inspire them so they can be the ones in their family, break the generational curses of poverty, and dream again.

Greg Skeene's commitment to promoting economic equality in minority communities has earned him recognition as a leader in his field, placing him among the world's most influential entrepreneurs. His work with Control Your Route and his mission to close the wealth gap in black and brown communities demonstrate his unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

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  • License, Bonded & Insured Life Insurance Broker

  • 300M+ Back Into the Minority Communities

  • Licensed in 49 States including Puerto Rico

  • Help Average Middle-Class Families to Celebrity Athletes

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